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I have gained a lot of branding, consulting and strategy experience over the past 5 years including many collaborative projects, with internationally well-established brands such as Montblanc, Dior, Henkel, or Europcar, during my masters.

For the last year, I have been working as an Associate Consultant at C Space. A real diversity of challenges, clients, and sectors is a hallmark of my work experience. Designing and conducting creative research activities (qual & quant) for online and face to face consumer work that meets the client’s brief, including ideation sessions, surveys, focus groups, sprints, and online & offline workshops, to the ‚what‘ and ‚why’ behind what people say and do. Enriching everything with trends and other data sources acquired through desk research. Deriving clear recommendations and implications from my analysis and findings to my team and clients. Using storytelling skills to create professional, but inspiring, content in a multi-media world (including but definitely beyond ppt.) Project management skills are needed to keep projects on track and in budget. Recent projects include developing a brand stretch strategy for a large confectionery company by using a combination of online qual, symbiotics, a small quant study, and a client workshop to inform the new strategy. Using online qual to test and inform product and UX design for a global household appliance brand. Working with Gen Z focus groups, online qual, and ethnos to create a new insurance proposition and global brand strategy.

Methodologies and frameworks I often use include the 12 archetypes or the six motivational value system and brand steering wheel to gain a clear understanding of the brands. The SWOT model to get a concise overview of the brand and its industry. In order to better understand the brand's consumers, the Sinus-Milieu has proven to be a useful starting point before conducting qualitative and quantitative research including, focus groups, surveys, ethnos, and workshops. methods. Depending on the requirements of the project I've also used models such as the positioning wheel, stage-gate process, and others. 

After graduating I worked on building my own brand, based on my master thesis, in which I developed an idea for a location-based networking app, enabling people to make important business connections on the go, any time any place. The app should help its consumers effortlessly expand their personal business network and facilitate new business opportunities.  

In order to digitalize Salzburg-Experience, I suggested the development of a virtual city tour app, enabling the company to expand its service profile, reach new consumers while not being required to hire more tour guides. Additionally, a series of informational videos and new web design should further enhance the brand by creating more value for its customers. 

For my internship at Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong, I was required to develop an employer branding strategy in order to increase employee satisfaction with the company. As digitalization is a very current topic I introduced the concept of using an event app as a communication tool for the Shanghai Tang Managerial summit in order to create a more interactive experience for all participants and improve the current perception of the brand among its employees. I created the app especially for that event in cooperation with the HR and digital team of Shanghai Tang. Furthermore, I put together a behind the scene video of the training sessions for the upcoming season in order to promote a sense of inclusion and community among all departments. This video was sent to all Shanghai Tang employees. Lunch & Learn was introduced as an effort to boost employee's morale and give a regular networking opportunity within the company. Employees were invited to join a short educational lecture with a follow-up discussion to build their skill set while enjoying a free and healthy lunch together. 

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