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After graduating from High school I completed my Bachelors Degree in Export-Oriented Management in Krems, Austria. This education taught me to understand the importance and complexity of international trade. Even though I was fascinated by the topic I wanted to expand my skillset and devote my attention to something a bit more creative. As a result, I chose to attend the Brand Academy in Hamburg to complete my Master Degree in International Brand Management. This university was unique as it offered several practical projects in cooperation with internationally well-known companies. It is my opinion that learning by doing is one of the best methods to acquire a new skill. Therefore, it was a great pleasure and learning experience to tackle problems posed to us by companies such as Dior, Henkel, and Europcar. 

I successfully completed my Master Degree in 2017 and am eager to apply my versatile know-how and skillset in the real world.

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