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"We were delighted to have Eva as our team member. Eva demonstrated her commitment and accomplished the projects in a professional manner." - Shanghai Tang

"Due to Eva's pleasent personality, she integrated very quickly into the team" -Shanghai Tang

"Recommendations were well reasoned, based on extensive research and analysis, demonstrating deep understanding of brand management in the service sector." - Europcar

"Ms Muhr showed an extremely high level of reliability. She always found excellent solutions for all arising problems." - Montblanc

"Specifically her extensive experience in the development of solutions for issues as well as their implementation has to be highlighted."


"Ms Muhr possesses exceptional creativity, which has always ensured that she would find very good alternative solutions where they were needed." - Montblanc

"The elaborated results of the project render fertile input to the business and the consumer insights are gratefully appreciated and integrated in the communication process." - Dior  

"Eva thrives on challenge and blossoms when given assignments that utilize her analytical and creative talents." - Cash Technologies

"She inspires others with her friendly demeanor and positive attitude." - Cash Technologies

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